GARALOK have developed a range of locking bolt kits to provide high security for wooden doors known as the TACKLOK range.  The locking bolt is fitted on the inside of the door and is secured on studs attached to a steel plate fitted on the outside of  the door.  The lock kit sandwiches the wooden door, a very secure fixing.  The kits are for doors up to 48 mm in thickness and for those up to 68 mm in thickness.

TACKLOK Locking bolts come in three sizes:

The TACKLOK 50 - for doors of from 35 to 48 mm in thickness.  It has a fixing plate of 120 by 80 mm (4¾ by 3½ inches).  The lock is a seven pin lock (most U.K. pin locks are 5 pin) operating a hardened steel bolt of 18 mm square section.  When the key is turned, the bolt moves 79 mm (just over 3 inches) into a keep fitted on the doorframe.  The locking bolt is key operated from both sides and deadlocks at either end of its travel when the key is withdrawn. £ inc. carriage & VAT  (UK only)

The TACKLOK 50 Mini -  Similar to the above lock kit but having a fixing plate of 86 by 80 mm (just over 3¼ by 3 inches) with a shorter throw bolt of 60 mm (2½ inches).  A 79mm bolt throw can be supplied by special order.
£ inc.  carriage & VAT  (UK only)

The TACKLOK 70 Mini - similar to the TACKLOK 50 Mini except that it is for doors of from 50 to 68 mm in thickness. £ inc. carriage and VAT (UK only)

Both locking bolt kits are finished in high quality powder paint finish, the bolts being made of special steel which is nickel plated.  Locks weigh about one kg.

Front plates for the kits are supplied in black although the mini lock can be supplied with white plates.