Most caravan/motor home doors are of the order of 25 mm thick and are secured by a brown plastic lock which has a bolt 19 mm from the back surface of the door. This plastic bolt is positioned to slide behind the structure of the door frame which is thicker than the door. The C-VANLOK includes a 19 mm spacer block which positions the new lock so that the bolt, when extended, passes behind the door frame.

A steel plate, finished in white powder paint, with four threaded legs is fitted to the outside of the door,. The threaded legs go through the door and fit into the fixing holes of the locking bolt, which is secured by nuts. The lock and the plate “sandwich” the door.

The lock is nickel plated, key operated from the outside (a six pin lock) and is hand operated from the inside by pressing the button and moving the bolt by hand. The bolt deadlocks at each end of its travel. The throw of the bolt is 50 mm, the length of the key barrel 50 mm. Three keys are provided.

Full fitting instructions are provided with each lock which includes a drilling template. Time to fit - the order of half an hour. They are also suitable for professional fitting.