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GARALOK have developed a range of locking bolt kits to provide high security for wooden doors known as the TACKLOK range.  The locking bolt is fitted on the inside of the door and is secured on studs attached to a steel plate fitted on the outside of  the door.  The lock kit sandwiches the wooden door, a very secure fixing.  The kits are for doors up to 48 mm in thickness and for those up to 68 mm in thickness.

TACKLOK Locking bolts come in three sizes:

The TACKLOK 50 - for doors of from 35 to 48 mm in thickness.  It has a fixing plate of 120 by 80 mm (4¾ by 3½ inches).  The lock is a seven pin lock (most U.K. pin locks are 5 pin) operating a hardened steel bolt of 18 mm square section.  When the key is turned, the bolt moves 79 mm (just over 3 inches) into a keep fitted on the doorframe.  The locking bolt is key operated from both sides and deadlocks at either end of its travel when the key is withdrawn. £ inc. carriage & VAT  (UK only)

The TACKLOK 50 Mini -  Similar to the above lock kit but having a fixing plate of 86 by 80 mm (just over 3¼ by 3 inches) with a shorter throw bolt of 60 mm (2½ inches).  A 79mm bolt throw can be supplied by special order.
£ inc.  carriage & VAT  (UK only)

The TACKLOK 70 Mini - similar to the TACKLOK 50 Mini except that it is for doors of from 50 to 68 mm in thickness. £ inc. carriage and VAT (UK only)

Both locking bolt kits are finished in high quality powder paint finish, the bolts being made of special steel which is nickel plated.  Locks weigh about one kg.

Front plates for the kits are supplied in black although the mini lock can be supplied with white plates.

The HOMELOK range

HOMELOKHigh security locking bolts are designed to fit on the doors of 'safe rooms' for women who are at risk from domestic violence; for exterior doors of houses and apartments to give additional security particularly when the owners are out of the house; also for the elderly who can bolt themselves in at night, giving them confidence, and where a key-holder can enter the premises in an emergency.  The locking  bolts are key operated from the outside of the door but are hand operated from inside the room or the house.  For exterior doors with glass panels, a special lock is available which is key operated from both sides of the door, which stops someone breaking the glass and operating the lock through the broken window.

The HOMELOK locking bolt range (excluding the HOMELOK 50R)  have a special steel bolt 18mm (¾ inch) square, operated by a seven or nine pin key (depending on the model selected). All bolts deadlock at each end of their travel.  Turning the key on the outside of the door, extends the bolt into a retaining keep on the frame of the door.  From the inside when the button on the lock is pressed the deadlock is released and the bolt can be pushed across using the fitted knob.  To unlock the door from the inside repeat the operation, press the button and push the bolt across.   All are supplied with a simple brass escutcheon, although a smart brass or stainless steel escutcheon is available.

The HOMELOK 50 RE-1 A very robust locking bolt suitable for doors of up to 48 mm in thickness.  The lock plate is 86 x 82 mm, the lock is key operated from the outside of the door and hand operated from inside.  It has a seven pin lock and when the key is turned the bolt extends 55 mm.   This lock can be supplied key operated from both sides and with a 80 mm bolt extension.

Prices from  £  inc. carriage & VAT (UK Only)


The HOMELOK 70 RE-1 is similar to the HOMELOK 50RE-1 but is suitable for doors up to 68 mm in thickness

prices from £  inc. carriage & VAT (UK only)

The HOMELOK 50  a  locking bolt suitable for doors up to 48 mm in thickness.  The lock plate is 120 x 82 mm, the lock is key operated from both inside and outside the door.  It has a seven pin lock and when the key is turned the bolt extends 80 mm. this is normally long enough to extend into the structure of the building.

Prices from £ inc. carriage & VAT  (UK only)

The  HOMELOK 70 range is similar to the HOMELOK 50, for house and industrial doors up to 68 mm in thickness.   It has a nine pin lock and the bolt extends 80 mm.

The HOMELOK 70 range from £  inc. carriage & VAT  (UK only)

HOMELOK locking bolts are supplied in paint and nickel plate finishes.

The HOMELOK 50R is an inexpensive nickel plated locking bolt, key operated ( five pin lock), key operated from the outside, hand operated from the inside.   For more details and picture, see security for sheds.
HOMELOK 50R -  from £   inc. carriage & VAT

Security for Up-&-Over steel, wood or selected fibreglass and hinged doors

Garalok installation front & back


garalok-sThe GARALOK locking bolts are fixed to the inside of the garage door and are key operated from both inside and outside the door by a 7 or 9 pin lock (Most UK. pin locks have 5 pins).  When locked an 18mm (¾ inch) square section hardened steel bolt 79  mm long (over 3 inches) is inserted into a socket set in the good quality concrete inside the garage.  Alternatively, it can be set to go sideways into garage door frame.  GARALOK as well as providing flexible fixing for their locking bolts, also provide a range of special fixings to accommodate the various types of manufacturer's garage doors.

Most caravan/motor home doors are of the order of 25 mm thick and are secured by a brown plastic lock which has a bolt 19 mm from the back surface of the door. This plastic bolt is positioned to slide behind the structure of the door frame which is thicker than the door. The C-VANLOK includes a 19 mm spacer block which positions the new lock so that the bolt, when extended, passes behind the door frame.

A steel plate, finished in white powder paint, with four threaded legs is fitted to the outside of the door,. The threaded legs go through the door and fit into the fixing holes of the locking bolt, which is secured by nuts. The lock and the plate “sandwich” the door.

The lock is nickel plated, key operated from the outside (a six pin lock) and is hand operated from the inside by pressing the button and moving the bolt by hand. The bolt deadlocks at each end of its travel. The throw of the bolt is 50 mm, the length of the key barrel 50 mm. Three keys are provided.

Full fitting instructions are provided with each lock which includes a drilling template. Time to fit - the order of half an hour. They are also suitable for professional fitting.

We are the inventors and the sole manufacturer of our GARALOK® Key Operated Locking Bolts.